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Welcome to OrbVPN
Dedicated to building next gen VPN and Automatic Wi-Fi Security solutions.

We are dedicated to building a better Internet. We build applications that fuel open and free communication throughout the world with over 60,000 users over the world.
Who We Are
OrbVPN is a private company and part of Orb Group. Our mission is to drive universal online security, privacy and free access to content for every consumer and business user globally... anytime, anywhere.
What We Do
Our team, our advisors, and our investors bring together thought leadership that impacts thousands of users all over the world. We believe that everybody deserves to be secure, free & private online.
How We Do It?
Our engineers develop the most innovative technologies to enable users to stay secure & private online. Our sales team provides cutting edge solutions to advertisers and agencies.

Short Story About OrbVPN

OrbVPN Funded
OrbVPN funded in 2007 and built its infrastructure and services and developed sales.
Growth in sales
OrbVPN managed to grow its sales and pass 20,000 subscriptions worldwide
Became part of ORB Group
As a private company became part of the ORB Group and expanded its activities
NG Protocols & Software
OrbVPN released its next generation protocols and intelligent security softwares
Our works

Coming From Experience

In 2007, OrbVPN was an idea on a drawing board, today we’re a leading VPN service, trusted by over 60,000 consumers and businesses worldwide. Building on decades of development and UX/UI experience, our knowledgeable team brings a variety of expertise to the development of a truly innovative cybersecurity company.
Human Rights

Helping Societies

At OrbVPN, our mission is more than a statement. It’s a way of life. Together with the human rights crowdsourcing platform and other initiative we provided safe and private Internet access to activists and dissidents living in closed societies worldwide.Want to contribute or get involved? Contact us
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